About Us

How Ayrton came to be

Our History From the Beginning

On March 8th 1999 Tony and Gillian Page opened the original Burnhouse Veterinary Centre on the site of the new building. The name of the practice changed to 'Ayrton Veterinary Centre' to celebrate the opening of their new purpose built premises in May 2006, and in honour of their cat, 'Ayrton' whom they thought exceptional and who had been named after the F1 racing driver Ayrton Senna.

Together with a skilled and dedicated team, Tony and Gillian Page opened the practice with a clear vision of providing their clients with a service which would combine their passion for veterinary medicine, with an enthusiastic, compassionate approach to both patient and client care and with an unwavering determination to provide the highest possible quality in practice standards and client care. The continual improvement and progression which resulted from this determination, culminated in Ayrton becoming a Tier 3 Veterinary Hospital in 2009; the highest status possible in veterinary medicine. With this award Ayrton became one of only 7 Veterinary Hospitals in Scotland. 

The story of Ayrton

When you've been working in the veterinary profession for 25 years, you see an awful lot of cats - and since 99% of them are adorable, it takes a special cat to grab your attention. It takes a very special cat to get a half million pound veterinary practice named after him. Ayrton was a very special cat.

Ayrton adopted Gillian and Tony in 1997 and until he left them in 2003 provided friendship, love and laughter beyond measure. He was named after the F1 racing driver Ayrton Senna. Such was the quality of his character that naming the practice after him was the least they felt they could do. 

The following is a typical Ayrton story: One day a group of workmen in JCBs were digging up ground to lay pipes outside the house. At one point during the morning, the noise and chaos of the construction work came to a gradual halt and one of the workers appeared at the door. The chap asked apologetically if they owned a black and white cat. Gillian's dread filled answer "yes" was met with a request to please come and collect him as he was refusing to leave from the driver's cab and was holding up work. 

Our Achievements

In 2009 Ayrton Veterinary Centre achieved the status of Veterinary Hospital - one of only 7 in Scotland. The Hospital is accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). We are inspected every 4 years to ensure that Hospital standards are being maintained. Ayrton was re-accredited in 2013.